Sports Arbitrage Betting


Take for example, if you had a time machine, a fact generator, and a copy of every football team in the world; the odds would be approximately 1 in 14 million that you could successfully flip a coin to determine the next outcome. Such a machine would be extremely reliable, would never fail, and with enough time, it would be very easy to make a profit.

This is the reason why football betting, specifically football betting arbitrage, is a Win/Win situation; Bookmakers like Sweet456 will never be able to tell exactly how the game will turn out with the odds that they offer, they will always react to the betting every event conclude with at least some small amount of loss, therefore the Bookmakers will never be able to recoup their investment in the event of a loss. However, if you know what situations to bet on and have a way to quickly determine the results of the games, then you can essentially guarantee yourself a profit regardless of the outcome.

Sports arbitrage betting is a proven system that works. Many people claim to have created better betting systems, however none have stood up under the tested conditions that are required for sports arbitrage betting to work.

This leaves many people open to the possibility of making a secure income from betting on sport events, and unlike the un- solvent the Act ofosition betting arbitrage betting, when you bet on multiple outcomes with a relatively small pool of money. This method is risk free because the returns are regular, and if you are making the right picks you will make a profit.

Bookmakers will never understand the mathematics of betting on sport events, however there are ways to beat the bookies using arbitrage principles. When you place bets on all possible outcomes with a small pool of money you make a lot of money. Using this situation to win sports bets requires a large amount of skill and knowledge of the sport and playing conditions.

There is another method of “betting against the spread” which is the only method allowed under the sports betting restrictions in most places. In this situation you will place bets on the odds that the bookmakers are using in their betting lines. You are betting against the spread and not on the tactics that the bookmakers are using. When you back a team or individual to win a bet you are covering the juice that the bookmaker has charged you.

When you cover the spread you win both ways. You have effectively “bet” the spread by betting on the same outcome. Usually a $100 bet on the favorite will be offsetting the $110 you may have bet on the underdog, if you win. If the underdog wins by the number of points the bookie considers to be the spread, you break even.

However, if you bet on the underdog and they win by less than the spread you will lose the $100 spread on the favorite and the $110 you placed on the underdog. This results in a net win of $80, or $20 profit. This is great, but if you feel like you have a solid grasp of the betting requirements and the hourly rate, you can usually bet $50 per hour. A half-hour is scheduled to call, so you can do that easily.

You can also subscribe to a professional tipping service at as an employee or agent of the tipsters that provide sports services for a fee. Many professional tipsters use a tip service because they have betting experience and they know the industry well.

What a professional tipster does is investigate all the likely outcomes, usually over several seasons. What are the odds of each outcome? After crunching the numbers, they will give you a “risk/reward” ratio of each outcome that meets their lowest prediction of the outcome. A commonly quoted phrase that you will hear within the industry is that a “55 to 45” or “30 to 20” progression is the equivalent to 8% to 11% for those who are not familiar with the full calculation.

The reality is that you are really betting on a 5% to 10% shot, so obviously you are not guaranteed to win. However, at $1,000 a pop, with the various prop bets, we rarely find a contest without at least one of the top four teams.

Using only the consensus top games as examples, here are some possible contest selections from for MNF this weekend.

New Orleans Saints (-3) VS.THEANS; Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-4.5) VS.Philly Eagles; New Orleans Saints (-3) VS. Washington; Washington Buccaneers (+4) VS. Chicago; Arizona Cardinals (-8) VS. Oakland Raiders.

Anys Vegas oddsmakers have opened the Saints as generous favorites with a total of 52.5 points. If you would bet $100 on the Saints and they won by the number of points listed, you would win $130.00 back.

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